What is slot hit rates and why it is important

Knowledge of mathematics is always an indisputable advantage for any gambler. Since the time of offline casinos, a good knowledge of probability theory has helped graduates of mathematical universities raise fabulous sums, as in the movie "21".

Mathematical approach and its importance

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Of course, luck and fortune sometimes cause the most unexpected twists. But the mathematical approach when playing blackjack or poker matters a lot. Each slot machine has its own tactical side, which will either help you win or make you lose everything.

Many fans of online slots only look at RTP, volatility, and the playing field grid with paylines while playing. At the same time, they totally forget about the win rate. But the frequency of hitting in online slots is a key factor that can predict the game's outcome.

What is the slot hit rate?

The frequency of hitting the slot is a special coefficient. Do not confuse it with dispersion or volatility. The slot hit frequency is a number that shows in percentage how often a machine can create winning combinations.

The average hit rate typically ranges from 20% to 35%. Thus, with a minimum of 20%, 1 spin out of 5 will be winning. Picking the proper bankroll for a game becomes much easier when you have such information.

How to determine the frequency of hits in a game?

Of course, determining the frequency of hits in a game is worth putting in a little effort. After all, most game developers do not provide this information on a silver platter, so players should learn how to calculate it themselves.

This can be done thanks to other indicators that are publicly available. Knowing the following coefficients of the selected slot will help you.

RTP (return to player)

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The RTP or Return to Player is the return percentage of a machine in the long-term outlook, the higher the RTP is, the greater the chance of winning in the long game is.

RTP = Amount of winnings / Amount of bets x 100%

96% return is an average, but anything higher, like 97%, shows that the slot pays off much more often.

Dispersion or volatility

Another important indicator when playing slots is dispersion or volatility. Slots with low dispersion give out winnings more often but in smaller amounts.

For instance, with a volatility of 4/5, the slot will give out winnings less often. So, in this case, the hit percentage will also be low, most likely less than 20%. It also works the opposite way: if the hit frequency is known, the slot dispersion can be determined.

Bonus features

Many slots have excellent bonus features such as free spins, cascading reels, Megaways winnings, multipliers, Wilds, etc.

Bonus features are provided to players by the gaming platforms themselves. Recommended Indian casino offers a wide variety of bonuses:

● welcome bonuses for registration

● increase in the amount of the deposit

● free spins

● cashback

By the way, there is an opinion among experienced players that slots with a large number of bonus features have a low hit rate. They are certainly right. But nothing comes for free, and you always need to sacrifice something: big prizes at a casino make a fortune, but they are difficult to get.

Games for virtual money

Virtual money games are a great opportunity for beginners to rehearse the game. Almost all online casinos provide this option. Of course, RajBet users have a chance to first test a slot in demo mode and only then deposit real money.

Playing in demo mode is a great way to calculate a machine's hit rate. For example, you made 2000 spins, and only 400 out of them became winning ones. It turns out that the hit frequency in this game is 20%; that is, 1 spin out of 5 brought a win, which makes the game a low-frequency slot.

Instead of a summary

So, how to calculate the hit rate of a slot machine? The RTP return percentage and dispersion help roughly calculate the hit frequency's size. Slots with low dispersion and high RTP should have a higher hit rate as players form winning combos regularly.

But the most foolproof method is to play a game in demo mode and look at the paytable. Experienced players claim that you must make more than 1000 spins for an average prediction.

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